Friday, May 12, 2006

Bloggin' Too (two)

Well, the day is nearly over. We are home again, and yes we went out and burned up -- excessive energy and dollars (that we didn't have). Sunday is a most special day, a day to honor and express love and appreciation to the most special ladies in our lives -- mothers, of course. We plan to go and see our mothers this weekend. On Sunday, the official Mother's Day, I want our children to learn the importance of honoring their mother, as they see me honor and express appreciation to their mother. So tonight we went out and purchased a gift to present to R on Sunday. We hope she likes it. However, what is a small gift to someone who is so special and good? Today was special to R as she went to JP's school for a mother/child tea. She came home pleased and with a special little "recipe" book composed by the students in JP's class. JP wrote that he appreciated his mother because - and I quote - "She lets me do whatever I want." That is true to some degree, but "whatever" is a braod term that does not always apply to what he desires to do. Seriously, R is a gracious, loving mother who truly puts the wants and needs of her family way above herself. The Bible says for the husband to love his wife like CHrist loves the church - wholly, unselfishly - agape-style. Most husbands could learn from their wives about sacrificial love. I have seen it (true love) in my mother - the greatest ever - and in the life of my mother-in-law, and in the motherhood that my dear wife lives out everyday. Thank our Father for the gift of mothers.
This bloggin' feels good -- I hope I'll continue. Until then . . . good night and God bless.


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