Friday, March 06, 2009

Have We Forgotten 9/11?

There is MUCH to distract us.

* 2 wars -- far, far away
* an economy that is in the tank, and sinking deeper & deeper as each day passes
* joblessness, ever increasing
* a society caught-up with the celebrity of a new president
* a society caught up with itself
* we have summits on energy & health care
* sports stars who cheat
* divorce rates not going down
* abortions increasing
* not to mention ME and MY FEELINGS - isn't it all about ME?

All of this, and the terrorists who seek to totally destroy our lives, are patient . . . patient . . . patient.

Pray for God's grace, mercy and protection. Pray for our elected officials. Pray for our children and grandchildren. "Pray without ceasing."


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