Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Things 1/25/10

* Cannot get my mind around 200,000 people in Haiti dying as the result of an earthquake. Wrestle with what a tragedy of that scale does to a country like Haiti. I also wonder how all these journalists can film and take photos, etc., of people digging through the rubble for their loved ones and not drop their cameras/microphones and help them dig? Am also troubled how we as a people can send millions and millions of free-will offerings to a place we've never been to people we've never met and yet we tolerate children in our own communities going without food, and older people going without meds. There are serious cracks in the system that we turn blind eyes to.

* Again, we are devestated by the natural disasters that afflict our planet and its people, yet we won't even take a moment to pray for, much less get out of our comfort zone and go to our neighbors and tell them the way to avoid hell for all eternity. I am not sure we grasp the fact that hell is real and eternity is forever.

* along those lines, we spend hours and hours of our lives on the computer -- facebooking, twittering, blogging, youtubing, ituneing, etc - when it is time we could be praying, studying Scripture, interacting with folks face-to-face in our homes and community. One day we will give an account of how we spent our time. Think about it.

* I miss my mother's voice.

* Accepted an invitation to preach at a community-wide youth revival this spring in Virginia -- begin now to pray and seek God's guidance in what to bring to hungry young people.

* Was glad to see little tiny babies at church yesterday with their Moms and Dads.

* Started reading The Reformed Pastor by Baxter. Read this book long ago, and certainly worth a second, third, fourth, . . . read.

* Know that I am blessed of God, a recipient of His amazing grace, and so undeserving of all His benefits toward me. May I live to His glory alone.


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