Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Who am I . . . ?"

I have had the pleasure recently to do some studying about Moses.

God's Word is eternal. It speaks to man in every age. The externals may change, but human nature, as Dr Lanier used to always say, "runs in the same ruts."

Moses had been raised in luxury and privilege in the house of Pharaoh. Egypt, the most prosperous and powerful civilization on earth, was before him. One day Moses takes a trip to see his "people" - the Hebrews. The Egyptians had turned them into servants. Moses looks and sees an Egyptian taskmaster being extremely hard on the Hebrews and Moses takes it upon himself to free his people -- he slays the Egyptian taskmaster and quickly buries him in a shallow grave.
Later he's back amongst the Hebrews and he notices two of them fighting and arguing with each other. Moses takes it upon himself to step in and say "Hey, what are you doing? You should be united against the oppressor, the Egyptian, not at each other's throats."
They say, "Hey, who are you? You gonna kill us like you did the Egyptian? Butt out, Mr Moses."

Moses failed in setting the people free. He was rejected. In failure, Moses runs away from it all - from Egypt, from the Hebrews. He ends up in the desert, at 40 years old, tending sheep. Quietly for the next 40 years he tends sheep that belong to his father-in-law, knowing that he has failed, knowing that his people are still in bondage.

One day he sees a bush on fire but that is not burning up. He goes to it and hears from God. God tells Moses he has a mission -- to go back to Egypt and lead the people out of bondage.
The self-confidence is gone now - at 80 years old - he says to God, "Who am I . . .?" (see Exodus 3:11)
God desires to reveal Himself. We get in the way. Moses had to get all the way down - at the end of himself - then the great I AM would be revealed.

Lord, teach me Your way.
May I be out of the way.
May Your glory be revealed.
Do Your awesome work, Lord.
To You alone be glory.


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