Friday, October 08, 2010

Be Ye Holy

" . . . holiness becometh Thine house, O Lord" - Psalm 93:5

I recently came across a story where a church in South Carolina rocked out to Poison's "Nuthin' But a Good Time" one Sunday morning during "worship."

This is not all that uncommon in 2010 America. This is scary, however.

Scary, becasue our God is a holy God. Scary, becasue He demands His people to be a holy people. Scary, becasue we don't seem to fear God as being perfectly holy and righteous. Scary, because we approach Him very casually and with the incense and worship of Baal. Holiness and evil do not seem to mix well together. Scary, because how long will God tolerate this blasphemy among those who are called "His people?"

I pray that we will have a fresh vision of God, like Isaiah recorded in chapter six of his book. Read it. Does this sound like modern worship on Sunday mornings?


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