Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Hour Is Getting Late

This has been an interesting day, albeit quite long. Got up at a decent hour, took JP to school, came back to the office and got some work done. Took Z to school, and continued to work further. Had several calls to make and a guest at the office. Met Geo. Fox for a brief meeting and lunch. Have given some possible dates and hope he will prayerfully consider preaching some revival messages for us this fall. I thouroughly enjoyed my time getting to know this brother, and discovered that we have a mutual appreciation for John Piper.
Tonight the VBS workers had a meeting and I kept everyone's children outside while they met - which was fine. Again, I am inspired by the level of commitment and willingness to work with the folks here at FBC. VBS is so important, as the lives of so many children are deeply affected and the Gospel is presented to so many who have never heard. I pray now for the workers and for the children who will be coming.
Tomorrow night we have Church Family Supper and we will be leading the attenders through a sample night of CARE. Afterwards we have a brief Finance Committee meeting to discuss internet access at the church. The recommendation comes from the web site development team (three of whom are on the Finace Committee) and the Chair has expressed his support, hopefully the meeting will be brief.
Well, the hour is getting late. That is all for now.


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