Thursday, March 27, 2008

Road to Serfdom

The headline caught my attention -- "Ten Days That Changed Capitalism" by David Wessel, appearing in the 27 March edition of the WSJ. In the body of his article we read, "The past 10 days will be remembered as the time the US government discarded a half-century of rules to save American financial capitalism from collapse." He later quotes an economist as saying that the US government has acted to stave off Great Depression II.
This should frighten the US citizen. But I fear that it will not.
It seems since Great Depression I, in the 1930s, the people of this country have looked to the government to bail them out of all troubles. When trouble, disaster, strikes -- we look to the government to rescue us. Why is this?
I recall after Katrina hit, in that cesspool of New Orleans, one man screaming at the TV camera, "Where is the government to help me?" I wanted to say back to him, "Why can't you help yourself?"
I think we have created a dependent nation. Now it is a credit crunch, a housing bust, people can't pay back loans they've taken out -- so what do we do? "Government, come save us!"
Slowly, and here recently not so slowly, our freedoms erode, erode, erode. But hey, if I am comfortable -- got my party and my i-pod -- oh well.
Before long the only ones who will be comfortable will be the commissars who rule our lives, as we let them. We become serfs; the state our master. We're done.


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