Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Today General Petraeus comes to Washington, in theory, to report on the conditions in Iraq, along with the US ambassador to that country.

I have been glancing at the "hearing" in the Senate, and all I hear is US Senator after US Senator bloviating. These people do not want answers, they just want to sit up there and give their take on the whole situation.

How do I know?

They will take the time that they are given to ask questions and just sit there and go over the talking points handed down from the national parties and campaigns; they'll quote a story in the NYT and recite poll numbers. Then they will put forth a slanted, lawyerly "question" and then get all in a tiff when the General and Ambassador try to give a reasoned response. But the senators don't care about the truth, about hearing from these men who live in Iraq everyday and breathe the situation every waking hour. I think they just like to hear themselves talk. It disgusts me.

It is a wonder anything ever gets accomplished in Washington DC. What a cesspool.


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