Thursday, May 18, 2006

Everybody Have Fun Tonight

Soon I will have the pleasure of going to the GSO Cloiseum to behold the spectacle that is "Sesame Street Live" with my family and another family from church. Of course we will have fun I'm sure, it is just the thought of it all. However, the blow is softened by the fact that the tickets come free and we will get to sit in a luxury suite and park in the VIP parking section. (All of this because one the people we're going with -- her company owns the suite and didn't want the tickets for tonight's show (I can't imagine why not) )
Last night at church we further introduced our CARE ministry, and I thought overall things went well. I hope excitement continues to build til we kick off in September. I only wish more members had been able to attend the dinner and info. session last night. I simply think we cannot show God's love to this community too much.
Am currently in talks with a prospective revival preacher for FBC, and we'll just pray that the Lord will continue to lead and prepare hearts and ground.
Oh well . . . almost time to go to Elmo's world . . . adios!


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