Monday, October 08, 2007

Big Day In Our Lives

Yesterday was such a blessing from God. Our son Jonathan was baptized, and I had the privilege of baptizing him. He made his public profession of faith several weeks ago, and received Christ about a month ago. It is awesome to have a son, who is also my brother and know that I will spend eternity with him in the presence of Jesus Christ. We rejoice in the Lord for what He has done. There was another young man baptized yesterday as well. Also, a gentleman united with our church family. Last week a young man stood and testified that he was obeying the Lord's leading and call upon his life and entering the ministry, as a USN chaplain.
God is doing amazing things. I pray that I will not be susceptible to the enemy's attacks, as he hates what is happening. Every time the waters are stirred, he hates, hates, hates and seeks to disrupt and destroy. I pray for our congregation that we will be strong in the Lord, putting on the whole armour of God and able to STAND. I desire to see God glorified in our midst and among our many neighbors here. May we not lose focus; may we not be distracted by downers and nay-sayers; may we rejoice in Jesus.
An added blessing to the baptisms was the fact that R's dad, Paul was able to come to the service. I have written earlier about Paul and his dire condition, but he came briefly and actually came over for some of the lunch afterwards. My friend Kevin and his family was also here, along with many of R's family.


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