Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to Squire

Again, this past Friday night we had Southern Gospel Music royalty at our church -- Squire Parsons. Squire is probably most famous for the song he wrote and recorded, "Sweet Beulah Land" back in the late 70's. It is a song you here often, especially at funerals, as it speaks of the Christian's home that awaits. In fact, many of Squire's wonderful songs speak of heaven and how to get there. I am so proud of Squire Parsons and the ministry that God has given to him and his faithfulness to carry it out, with excellence. Our church is not a mega-church by any stretch of the imagination, we didn't have a wall-bursting crowd Friday night, but the concert was the same as if he had been at Thomas Road or somewhere. Of course the love offering received may have been greater at a larger church, but I trust that God will bless Squire and the ministry he has. One got the distinct impression that it wasn't about a show anyway, it was about gathering with saints to worship Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. What we were privileged to be a part of was a worship service, no matter the place or the number present.
I was so glad that he brought with him a song-book. I got a copy and already what a thrill to my soul to read the words -- I wished that I could read music so I could sing the songs I do not already know. But reading and thinking on the words is a blessing in itself. Sometimes I make up my own tune (this is done privately to spare all others!).


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