Saturday, July 14, 2007

"My grace is sufficient . . ."

Yesterday we travelled to the hospital as Rachael's grandmother was to be having surgery for a blockage in her colon. This was a real setback, as Nannie has always been one of the most active, healthy people you would want to know. As a friend said, "She's probably seen only 15 minutes of TV her entire life." She didn't waste time.
As we pulled into the parking lot, my cell phone rang. It was Rachael's mom, she said that Rachael's dad was in the ER there at the hospital. We had seen him Thursday night at a nephew's birthday party and he was hoarse and said his throat hurt. Friday morning he was saying he could not swallow and was having trouble breathing.
In the ER, Rachael's mom informed us that about a week or so ago he had been complaining about some pain in his neck, throat, and had felt a knot. It was determined yesterday that it was cancerous.
Today, they did a fuller biopsy and the cancer was definitely there -- thyroid cancer. Not just thyroid cancer, anaplastic thyroid cancer -- very rare, very aggressive. He will be transferred to UNC tomorrow to see and be treated by an oncology surgeon that is supposed to be top-notch.
Needless to say all this is a tremendous blow and shock to Rachael and her sister, and most especially to her mom. Now, both Rachael's dad and her grandmother are in rooms side-by-side. Nannie came through her surgery good, however the mass was the size of a "volleyball" according to the surgeon. In the days ahead, treatment, etc will be discussed, but she has a LONG roe to hoe for a woman her age and in her condition.
We know and stand on the tremendous promises of our mighty and all-powerful God. We know that He can perform a miracle and heal. We know that His grace is sufficient. We know that NOTHING can seperate us from His love in Christ Jesus our Lord. Whoever ever might read this, please pray with us.


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