Monday, September 10, 2007


It has been awhile since I have been able to post here, and there has been much that has transpired.
Of course you have seen the previous entries where we have discussed event's in Rachael's life -- her Dad's cancer and continuing fight, her grandmother's death. While my mother was in the hospital for a hernia operation, my Dad was complaining that he did not feel right, and he felt within himself that something was not right. He was tested as the days went by, and has been diagnosed with large cell lymphoma. He began chemotherapy on Wednesday. Now, he is very sick and weak as a result of the treatment. His oncologist says that there is a good prognosis for this cancer, but going through the chemo will weaken my father. He was deeply concerned going into this about Mother, as she too needs lots of help.
The title of this entry is "Humbled." Why? First I am humbled to think that God knew all of this before the foundation of the world, He knew what would be happening, and He already knows all of the outcomes. I am humbled that this great and awesome God has also chosen to call me "Child." Oh that the likes of a sinner like me can call upon Him as "Father." I don't deserve it; He is so merciful and gracious. I am humbled that in the midst of storms He remains true and faithful, and that He has promised that nothing can separate us from His infinite love.
I am humbled also at the outpouring of love and support from God's people. The words of comfort and encouragement, the promises of prayer, the deeds have been such a blessing and a support, immeasurable support. What an awesome thing to see and be a recipient of God's love through His people. My simple words of "thank you" seem so small in light of the greatness of folks' heart. But oh how I thank God for His people, and how humbled I am at the overflowing of love and concern. My prayer is that as I am privileged to minister that I will be as compassionate to others as folks have been to me and my family.


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