Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Gearing Up

Lots happening here. At FBC we are meeting tonight with a banker to discuss financing for the recently adopted plan to renovate the church sanctuary.
On Monday a mission team will be headed to Gulfport, MS (again!) to work in the reconstruction efforts .
Also next week marks the NC Baptist State Convention meeting in GSO. There are lots of things on the table -- or in the air -- this year. The relationship that the Convention has with the Baptist Retirement Homes, the relationship with historic Baptist colleges, the relationship with the state WMU. Will anything be resolved? I do not know. Officially maybe not -- except for the college issue. But I think a lot will be said and the fallout will come in the days ahead.
Also tomorrow evening I will be participating in an ordination council for our association. There are two candidates and they have asked the association ordination council to do the examination. I will talk more later about the questions, answers and the candidates and examiners.


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