Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Renovation In Progress

Our sanctuary is undergoing an entire renovation. It had not been touched since the early '80s, I understand, and there is lots to do.
This morning a huge dumpster was placed at the front of the church.

I cannot help but draw spiritual inferences.

First to my own life -- I need to throw out some old stuff. I still battle this old man and his fleshly ways.

There are more than likely some old things that need to be thrown out of the church -- bad attitudes, discord, backbiting and such.

I am praying for renewal and renovation to take place in several ways; first of all in my own heart and life. And also in the heart and life of our congregation.
I am praying that I and we will delight in our Savior and Lord, Jesus, more than anything else. May we return to our first Love. May I and we have a hunger and thirst for God and His glory like nothing else. May we desire to see Him save people and thus worshipped and praised and served. May Jesus be our treasure above all else.

O dear Jesus, renovate your people.


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