Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"I've Got The Power!"

I remember a song when I was kid -- "I've got the power!" -- the singer would yell. That is really the only lyric that I recall.

No wonder it was a hit. We like to think that indeed we have the power. The power to do whatever -- we certainly don't like for anyone to infringe on our supposed power. When they do we have a power struggle. "I can" "No you cannot" "Oh yeah, watch me" "I will not let you" "Go ahead try and test me"

This happens in families with parents and children; it happens with co-workers; it happens in churches; it happens in governments.

"I've got the power!" Oh really?

I believe it happens in things of the spirit as well -- in the Christian life. "I can do it."

May we remember John 15 -- "Apart from Me," Jesus said, "you can do nothing."

May we recall the words of Oswald Chambers: "Every element of self-reliance must be slain by the power of God. Complete weakness and dependence will always be the occasion for the Spirit of God to manifest His power."

Do we desire to see what we can do or what the Spirit of God can do?
- in our lives? in our homes? in our church? in our community?

"I've got the power!" -- Only if He has me, and I have surrendered all to Him.


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