Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Open for Business

Yes, the economy in the West is weak right now. But there are still people with lots of money.

Some of those with lots of money do not live in the western hemisphere. They live in far away places like Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to name a few. They have lots of money from selling oil - energy - to oil dependent nations like the US.

Speaking of the US -- they hate it. I know we all want to be liked, but that is not reality. The people who are killing our soldiers, and flying planes into buildings really do hate us. The more of us they can kill the better they feel.

The North Koreans just launched a nuclear weapon test. It was a sign to the world and especially to those that hate us that the doors are open for business. North Korea is very poor, but obviously scientifically very smart. They can detonate a nuclear bomb. There are people with lots of money, who hate the US, who cannot wait to get their hands on a nuclear bomb -- so they can kill more and more people -- Americans and our allies.

What will we do? What will they do?


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