Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where"s Jerry Falwell?

With all of this swirling around about the mosque at the World Trade Center, I was just wondering -- where is the outspoken Christian leader? Who will take a stand for the truth and Him whose name is Truth? Who is NOT ashamed of the Gospel, the exclusivity of the Gospel that Jesus preached? Where are the true men of God who are not afraid to carry the cross into the public arena and risk being crucified on it? Who will rise up and call political correctness what it is -- from hell? I pray that the Lord would raise one up, a modern day Jeremiah with a "Thus says the Lord". We, as a nation, slide further and further away from righteousness and most Christians just want to "feel good" when they leave church. Lord, please, shed Your grace on this country that I love and raise up disciples who deny themselves and carry the cross.