Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

What a special day in the life of our free nation. Going all the way back to Decoration Day after the Civil War til today, it is a time to remember those among us who have loved country more than life. Aren't you thankful for those who have sacrificed their all in service to our nation, to protect our freedom and way of life and to carry freedom to men everywhere? I think of those who have died in our most recent conflict - in Afghanistan and Iraq - even though we may differ on the rationale for being in such places, we can be thankful that men and women answer the call to serve wherever their country sends them. Be thankful for our fellow countrymen who voluntarily serve their country in the armed services. Support our troops in harm's way; pray for them and the decision makers we freely send to capitals (local, state, and national). Even though our democracy is not without faults (many - including the heavy influence of money in the system) it is still the best there is -- would you rather live somewhere else? If so, go there. I would wish every person in this country would rememeber why we have this day as a holiday- not the summer kick-off, not the cook outs - but to remember and be thankful. I liked Dennis the Menace in today's paper --"Is this one of those holidays that I don't get gifts?" -- yes Dennis you do get a gift, it is called FREEDOM and it ain't free.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Come On Feel The Noise

The above title is from an 80s hit by Quiet Riot and it is fitting because the house is sooo quiet right now .... no boys present. Sometimes that quiet is too much though, and you really start to miss it . . . but I'll enjoy it for a few moments anyhow.
Our new summer youth worker is on the field now -- Glenn. He is a really smart guy and i look forward to working with him. Yesterday he went to lunch with R and I and Z, and I'm sure he'll learn about family-inter-personal relationships with several trips like that one! Last evening Glenn and the family went to a chorus concert at the high school - several youth participated - and it was surprisingly good. I was concerned for Glenn's first Friday night in Monroeton tonight, but he has several friends who actually live close by, and they are taking him out tonight. Tomorrow night we have a youth fuction at the church -- he is in charge of games.
Well Taylor Hicks captured the AI title on Wednesday night. After CHris was robbed, I was glad to see him win - - - although, katherine was much better looking!
A beautiful picture on the cover of the Star-Tribune today -- little Kate, the Strawberry Princess! I know a bunch of proud grandparents!
Big holiday weekend -- summer kicks off -- hopefully we'll get to Pa & Grandma's at some point for a swim -- I know two boys who cannot wait.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?

The above title comes from a title of a great song that I have on a CD by June Carter Cash that was recorded at the end of her life; it was a song originally done by the Carter Family, and a good one too. I thought it was fitting since I have been gone for awhile and have not been bloggin'.
Just to fill in . . . the weekend was interesting. On Friday evening we went to K & M's for supper and fellowship together. We had a great time together, as these are true friends that we love dearly. Got home late Friday night.
Saturday we slept in and basically hung around the house most all day. I did a job that was long overdue . . . cleaning up the carport. At four I took the boys to Lake Reidsville for a Children's Dept. picnic and fishin'. We had a good time playin' around and with the other folks there from FBC. Rachael had been sick all day (stomach virus) and joined us much later at the park. Saturday evening was spent quietly preparing heart and mind for Sunday.
Sunday was full as usual. Church in the morning, invite to a family reunion for lunch, deacons meeting at 3:30, church again at 6:00. Got home later on Sunday evening than usual, and then got a distressing phone call about 9:00 that plagued me the rest of the night.
Monday, had to get to the hospital for a surgery, then on to Raleigh for a training session (overnight) at Meredith college, as it relates to our summer youth worker -- Glenn. Glenn seems to be a great guy, who is very intelligent, and eager to do a great job at FBC this summer. Of all the students I met, I think he is the smartest. I pray he will grow this summer, the youth of FBC will grow, the church family will grow, and I too look forward to growing, all as God blesses and guides our time together. Met some super folks in Raleigh, gained much. Got home today about 4:30 - 5:00; made some pastoral calls and kept boys tonight and watched American Idol. Just finished working on message for tomorrow night's service -- The Family of God.
Have yet to read any other blogs today, so do not know the latest buzz concerning the upcoming showdown in GSO . . . care level is not too great either, I think I'm crashin'. Will you miss me when I'm gone?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Please Help Me I'm Fallin'

The title today comes from a song that my boys and my wife and myself have been singing. We do not know who sang it originally, and we really don't many other words, but the line is a good one (I think I heard it on a TV commercial selling a Jim Reaves collection) "Please help me I'm fallin', in love with you." You would really have to hear us singing it to appreciate it.
Oh well. . . we will soon be enjoying the company of some dear friends and grillin' out. Good friends and good food and good fellowship -- God is good.
I read today in the Biblical Recorder that thousands are expected to GSO for the SBC. I'm reminded of what a preacher said one time -- three things will get the people to the church house: a funeral, food and a fight. People must be expecting one of these three or a combination this summer at the grand ol convention of Southern Baptists. I am real excited about many of my church family going to their first convention and seeing a big row -- should inspire harmonious business meetings.
Gotta go now - - - I feel like I'm fallin'

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Everybody Have Fun Tonight

Soon I will have the pleasure of going to the GSO Cloiseum to behold the spectacle that is "Sesame Street Live" with my family and another family from church. Of course we will have fun I'm sure, it is just the thought of it all. However, the blow is softened by the fact that the tickets come free and we will get to sit in a luxury suite and park in the VIP parking section. (All of this because one the people we're going with -- her company owns the suite and didn't want the tickets for tonight's show (I can't imagine why not) )
Last night at church we further introduced our CARE ministry, and I thought overall things went well. I hope excitement continues to build til we kick off in September. I only wish more members had been able to attend the dinner and info. session last night. I simply think we cannot show God's love to this community too much.
Am currently in talks with a prospective revival preacher for FBC, and we'll just pray that the Lord will continue to lead and prepare hearts and ground.
Oh well . . . almost time to go to Elmo's world . . . adios!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Hour Is Getting Late

This has been an interesting day, albeit quite long. Got up at a decent hour, took JP to school, came back to the office and got some work done. Took Z to school, and continued to work further. Had several calls to make and a guest at the office. Met Geo. Fox for a brief meeting and lunch. Have given some possible dates and hope he will prayerfully consider preaching some revival messages for us this fall. I thouroughly enjoyed my time getting to know this brother, and discovered that we have a mutual appreciation for John Piper.
Tonight the VBS workers had a meeting and I kept everyone's children outside while they met - which was fine. Again, I am inspired by the level of commitment and willingness to work with the folks here at FBC. VBS is so important, as the lives of so many children are deeply affected and the Gospel is presented to so many who have never heard. I pray now for the workers and for the children who will be coming.
Tomorrow night we have Church Family Supper and we will be leading the attenders through a sample night of CARE. Afterwards we have a brief Finance Committee meeting to discuss internet access at the church. The recommendation comes from the web site development team (three of whom are on the Finace Committee) and the Chair has expressed his support, hopefully the meeting will be brief.
Well, the hour is getting late. That is all for now.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Come Monday, It'll Be Alright

Monday -- not always the best day for a preacher. I once heard a fellow-pastor say that he quit his job 52 times last year -- every Monday morning. No, I'm not ready to quit today, in fact I am thankful for what the Lord is doing in the lives of so many. I am simply astounded that He would allow me to have a part in what He is accomplishing. I certainly am not worthy, and am quite humbled. My prayer is that all of us would be aware of God's continuing activity all around us and join in what He is doing. As things come up in the church, I pray that dissension will not reign, but that all of us will remember what it is exactly Christ, our Lord, has called us to focus on -- 1 Peter 2:9, and Matthew 28:18-20 (of course).
I hope that all mothers, everywhere, had a great day yesterday and felt honored and appreciated and loved.
This morning R and Z and myself went to Lifeway in GSO and purchased some gifts for all of the graduating seniors from the church -- copies of Oswald Chambers' classic "My Utmost for His Highest." Not only is this a great book that will alter the way we live, it is also our church's slogan for the year -- "Our Utmost for His Highest." I hope thegraduates will read it, if not now at least when they're older.
Yesterday afternoon was extremely stormy -- with hail, even, and tornado watches and warnings. Very unstable.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day Eve

Wow, what a busy day! This morning the boys and R left before 9 AM to go to the store and to a picture appointment. That is really good moving for a Saturday morning! I was at the church at 9:30 AM for an outreach event where we go to homes in our ever-growing community and simply introduce ourselves and invite our neighbors to church. We had a good number here today and we covered a lot of ground (literally and figuratively). We pray that the Lord of heaven and earth will in His grace and benevolence work in the hearts of those we have visited and draw them into His house. I thankful for all of the faithful, hardworkers that fill the roll of our church.
Afterwards we set out for a trip to see our Moms. We stopped at our friends' home/farm and picked up some strawberrries and visited with these wonderful people. Friends are truly a gift from God, and we cherish them. On to see my Mom in Lynchburg first, and we had a wonderful visit with her, my sister, my neice and my dad as well. I love to see our children enjoying themselves with their grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles. Afterwards we went to Sycamore to see R's mom and family, and again we had a wonderful visit -- only they were all too short.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I hope all mothers will feel loved, appreciated and honored.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Bloggin' Too (two)

Well, here we go again. A moment ago i typed this really lengthy and well thought out "blog" all about mother's day and the importance of teaching my boys about loving, honoring and appreciating their mother, i talked about how I see true, agape love in the lives of my mother, my mother-in-law and in the life of my wife. It was really good and I was proud to post it -- then when I went to see it on "Heath's Heartbeat" it wasn't there!? So this is weaker, but a second try -- hopefully you are reading it.
It is now late, and we have a full day tomorrow that begins early. So off we'll go and pray the Lord's blessings upon you.

Bloggin' Too (two)

Well, the day is nearly over. We are home again, and yes we went out and burned up -- excessive energy and dollars (that we didn't have). Sunday is a most special day, a day to honor and express love and appreciation to the most special ladies in our lives -- mothers, of course. We plan to go and see our mothers this weekend. On Sunday, the official Mother's Day, I want our children to learn the importance of honoring their mother, as they see me honor and express appreciation to their mother. So tonight we went out and purchased a gift to present to R on Sunday. We hope she likes it. However, what is a small gift to someone who is so special and good? Today was special to R as she went to JP's school for a mother/child tea. She came home pleased and with a special little "recipe" book composed by the students in JP's class. JP wrote that he appreciated his mother because - and I quote - "She lets me do whatever I want." That is true to some degree, but "whatever" is a braod term that does not always apply to what he desires to do. Seriously, R is a gracious, loving mother who truly puts the wants and needs of her family way above herself. The Bible says for the husband to love his wife like CHrist loves the church - wholly, unselfishly - agape-style. Most husbands could learn from their wives about sacrificial love. I have seen it (true love) in my mother - the greatest ever - and in the life of my mother-in-law, and in the motherhood that my dear wife lives out everyday. Thank our Father for the gift of mothers.
This bloggin' feels good -- I hope I'll continue. Until then . . . good night and God bless.

Look Ma' I'm Blogging

This is my first foreray into the blog-o-sphere. I have been reading several blogs for a while now and decided, "What the hay? I might as well, might as well . . ."
Of course wouldn't you know it, on this my initial blog I am runnin' out of time. It is 2:11 PM here on the east coast, and I gotta go pick up my boy from school.
It is a BEAUTIFUL day today - and Friday on top of that! I know that when we get home we will have to play outside and burn off excess energy. The sun is shinin', the grass is green, and the NC breeze is blowin' -- don't mind if I do.
Oh well, there will be much more to blog about later.