Saturday, June 24, 2006

Man On The Run

I had an intersting conversation with my father recently concerning the recent Southern Baptist Convention -- he is a true veteran and was there at the beginning of the conservative resurgance with Art Ballard and others. We both agreed that it is healthy for new faces, outside of the inner circle faces, to be in leadership positions. This is not my claim, but it does hold true in most circumstances -- power is corrupting, and I believe the messengers of the SBC want to avoid corruption in our denomination. With all of the limiting and narrowness we see wanting to happen at the IMB for instance, is not all good. The 2000 BF&M is quite explicit, and I say let it stand and guide our boards and convention, all under the authority of God's holy Word. I applauded my dear friend Dennis Conner several years ago when he put forth my friend Al Jarrell as a candidate for president, and Al received some 30% of the vote -- that sent stronger shockwaves than the inner circle suspected. Al was ready to stand again if need be. I am thankful for what our great God is going to do with the SBC - including all the churches and members - as we look to Him and obey Him. As I read Cal Thomas today and the mess the Episcopalians (sp) are in - they don't even know what to call sin; afraid they'll offend - I am SO thankful for the strong shoulders we stand on as a Convention. May we ever stand for truth.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Its Been Such a Long Time

It has been a l-o-n-g time since the last entry, and the reasoning is good. Last week the Southern Baptist Convention was held in GSO, and that meant LOTS of riding, and sitting in the Coliseum. Each day started at with the clock ringing at 5:30 AM, and finally crashing in the bed about midnight each night. In the midst of the week, I had to conduct two funerals. One was on Tuesday at 2:00 PM for Mrs. Minnie Miller (she had been really sick the whole time I've been here), the other was on Thursday, in Woodland. This funeral was more of a shock; when I checked my messages Tuesday morning at the Convention, one was from Scott Sykes (funeral director in Rich Square) for me to call him ASAP. The second on the machine was from Roberta Outland telling me that Bill Askew had died -- suddenly. The Convention ended on a high note, as on Wednesday, Billy Graham was honored followed by a performance by Casting Crowns, followed by a stirring message from outgoing president Bobby Welch, followed by a stirring presentation by the combined orchestra, choirs, and banners from Belleview Baptist Church. So Thursday morning I left for Woodland (3.5 hours) conducted the service with the new pastor at WBC, John Mathis. Oh, by the way that day was my birthday - spent mostly alone in a car, and a meal from the Wendy's drive thru. Oh well . . . Friday everyone arrived home and that was good. Saturday was JP's b-day party and we went to see the Grasshoppers. Sunday was Father's Day (I planned a quiet day of rest in my easy chair - - - NOT!). Multiple trips to Cone Hospital and Penn Hospital, arriving home aftr 10:00 PM. Today was spent with the Sunshine Group in the mountains, the evening with the boys outside. Got some great fresh veggies and fruit today at a roadside stand. Hope to get to see my folks sometime this week.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I Got Them SBC Blues

WE have really been busy around here. Mom's surgery and subsequent hospital stay kept us on the road, she is home and recovering now. The kids have gone to the beach, but R and I have been really busy. Friday in LYH all day; Sat. we did Crossover in Greensboro in the AM, hospital visits in the afternoon, cookouts (2) in the PM. Homecoming today at FBC (went well, good turnout and great food and fellowship) followed by 2 hour road trip, back to Greensboro for first night of conference/convention. I hate to write critically, but hey this is MY blog. The worship singers and presider of the pastors conf. seemed SO suburban Atlanta -- clean cut, lilly white, all great smiles in their cotton pants and tops. In fact they were all from a north Atlanta suberb church -- and it told. Obviously the smooth, well trimmed, pastor had read Hybel's book on building a church full of people you'd like to spend vacation with. But I am TOO critical and sarcastic, perhaps they are all well-meaning, dear saints of the Lord.
The first speaker tonight was not my favorite. It seemed that he enjoyed showing his ignorance of the doctrines of grace and he liked railing on this subversive theological heresy threatnening to undo the SBC and evangelism as we know it. Not sound, and totally subjectively speaking - not well received.
The second preacher tonight was great as usual -- Johnny Hunt. Also a suburban Atlanta preacher, but at least a REAL one. Hunt has a passion for lost souls and Jesus that is contagious. He is really an Indian on fire -- and I love to hear him preach.
Rick Warren was supposed to be there to round out the night - but he had to cancel for an unspecified family issue that kept him in CA. He delivered his messge via video tape - and it was good. He is so simple, but you know he is brilliantly smart. (The biggest selling book in the history of the US). But he talked about living life according to Jesus, and made great practical points -- not a theological treatise, but a good message nonetheless. I have never read "TPDL" (I must be the only Christian on the planet not to do so -- R's read it 2x) but you can tell why people like him.
Tomorrow AM I hope to go to a "discussion" with Al Mohler & Paige Patterson. Should be interesting. Al Mohler -- now that's a powerhouse.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Walking On Sunshine

The above song title applies to my mother today as she will be going into surgery to have a knee replacement. She is in tremendous pain and has suffered long, and we are praying that at the end of THIS ordeal, she will feel like walking on sunshine . . . yeah, yeah . . . it's time to feel good!
Yesterday was a blast overall. Church went well, as we recognized the graduates and preached about the effects of an encounter with the risen Christ. After lunch at the home of friends we went for a trail ride in the "mule" and got caught in the rain and laughed the whole way home. At church in the PM, we had two young girls come forward and expressed their desire to join our church. What an awesome way to end the day! We praise God for His working in our midst.
On a sadder note, I read where our favorite baseball player, Albert Pujols of the Cards, is on the DL with a pull in his side -- described as moderate to severe, clser to severe. However, the 'Canes are in the Stanley Cup Finals and they begin play tonight in Raleigh against the Edmonton Oilers. Rock'em Canes! NBA Finals are set too -- who cares?
Preparing for abusy week next week -- homecoming, kids at beach, SBC, b-day parties, Mom's recovery -- Lord, grant strength and guidance, we pray.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here I Am, Rock You Like A . . .

You can probably finish the lyric refrenced above in the title ". . . hurricane." That is featured for a couple of reasons: 1. today marks the first day of hurrican season in the Atlantic -- and after last year, it is not a thing of beauty. Of course all these folks say 6 major stroms this year . . . like they can really tell and predict with accuracy! We all know that the wind and waves obey One. He already knows and in Him I will trust. My heart goes out to all the folks in MS, AL and in LA who lost so much last year and here we are already bracing again.
2. Tonight the Hurricanes play in game 7 of the eastern conf. finals against the Buffalo Sabres to see who goes to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Edmonton Olilers. I really don't care about hockey too much during the year, but care somewhat at playoff time. I care much more when the "Canes are viable. Oh to be in Raleigh tonight!!!!
Well the boys are back . . . I 'm about to be rocked like a . . . yeah you said it! Hold on!