Friday, May 19, 2006

Please Help Me I'm Fallin'

The title today comes from a song that my boys and my wife and myself have been singing. We do not know who sang it originally, and we really don't many other words, but the line is a good one (I think I heard it on a TV commercial selling a Jim Reaves collection) "Please help me I'm fallin', in love with you." You would really have to hear us singing it to appreciate it.
Oh well. . . we will soon be enjoying the company of some dear friends and grillin' out. Good friends and good food and good fellowship -- God is good.
I read today in the Biblical Recorder that thousands are expected to GSO for the SBC. I'm reminded of what a preacher said one time -- three things will get the people to the church house: a funeral, food and a fight. People must be expecting one of these three or a combination this summer at the grand ol convention of Southern Baptists. I am real excited about many of my church family going to their first convention and seeing a big row -- should inspire harmonious business meetings.
Gotta go now - - - I feel like I'm fallin'


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