Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why Believe the Bible Pt. 3

Ultimately we can believe the Bible because it is the Word of God. The Bible self-authenticates itself. We believe the Bible because of its self-affirmation. As Boice says, this is where Christians should be starting from.
Christians say they believe in particular doctrines -- the Trinity, the resurrection of Christ, the virgin birth of Christ, the doctrine of the atonement, and we go to the Bible to defend these dear doctrines. Then why not go to the Bible to affirm its authority? If the Bible is our authority on these doctrines, then it does not lose its authority when we speak of the authority of the Scriptures themselves. If we hold to its accuracy in these matters, then it is accurate when it speaks of itself.
Look at 2 Timothy 3:16 "all Scripture is inspired by God." The greek word translated "inspired" literally means "God-breathed." "Theopneustos" combines the word for God, "theos", and breath, "pneustos".


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