Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Baby

August 20 marks a significant day in my life -- my anniversary. Twelve years ago today the long love of my life were united in the presence of God and witnesses. What a ride it has been! R is such an integral part of my life, for so long, I simply cannot imagine life without her presence. She is truly a remarkable woman - untiring in her devotion to family. I above all men am truly blessed of God to have such a help-meet and friend.
I realize it has been quite awhile since the last entry -- but time slips by and is gone before you can do all you intend. For instance, last Sunday morning I received a call from a church member that a gentleman had been carried to the hospital with an apparent heart attack. I went to the hospital to see his wife and son, and he had not made it -- at 43 years of age his earthly life had ended. Talk about a wake up call. The service that day was marked with a sense of urgency unlike any other I can recall. In light of such things as that, blogging really loses its significance for me. Now, it is the following Sunday and the children are resting, and thus I have a minute to record and express.
Tonight I am speaking from Matthew 6:1-4, and I am amazed at the utter truth that Jesus spoke. Ultimately we serve/seek to please ourselves or God. Many folks choose the former. There are so many people who refer to themselves as followers of Jesus Christ but have no intention of living their lives to please Him. Look out of any window and one will see countless folks who will say that they just cannot make it to church -- for sundry reasons - but then you see them everywhere -- serving/pleasing themselves. Jesus in this passage makes us think: am I really being selfless with such-and-such a deed, or am I really desiring the praise of my neighbors which will make me feel validated? Again, who are you serving, pleasing? Some folks give to the poor, and can't wait to tell you about it. Jesus says don't even tell yourself what you've done -- let God keep the records, He does anyway and He takes care of the reward.


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