Thursday, July 20, 2006

On The Artic Edge

This is the theme song from our church's VBS this year . . . and once you hear it you cannot get it out of your head, unfortunately. VBS @ FBC has been really good. I am astounded at the effort that goes into the school -- so many people giving so much of their precious time for such a precious cause-- teaching kids about the love of Christ. I am thrilled to be a part of such an endeavor. I only wish more people from our church could/would participate, to experience the joy and receive the blessing. Tonight I was asked to come into the room of the 2 year olds, as they were having "church." It was absolutely precious. Yet, the Enemy will seek to steal the joy of VBS. We must not let this happen! Lives are at stake, souls for eternity, and that is more valuable than any amount of money or any differences of opinion I may have with a brother or sister in Christ. Stay focused. Remember our mission and why Christ came -- "to seek and to save sinners." In eternity will things like interior paint schemes matter? May we be ever watchful NOT to waste our lives.


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