Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Its Been Such a Long Time

Yes, the entries get fewer and fewer with more space between them; that is not real good. To me it speaks of a lack of discipline that needs improvement. Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of 9-11, and I think about how times have changed in 5 years. America continues to war, and the Islamists continue to strengthen it seems. Perhaps nothing is so good for recruitment as an enemy. Our homeland has not had a terrorist attack since 9-11, but Americans have been struck in various places, especially US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a group of people who seek to destroy democracy, in particular American democracy, and they are militant and have declared war on the US, we must respond and defend and at the same time promote freedom around the globe, for the sake of humanity. I am not sure but the cause may be too big for one administration -- and I think we all look to Washington to do all this. It needs to be of the people. The government is not Papa whom we look to for everything (i.e. see the angry hordes in New Orleans in the wake of Katrina last year, "where's the government to help us, to save us, to bail us out?" My question is where are YOU?) Why do we trust government? Whatever happened to self-reliance and self-preservation and self-motivation and independence in this country?


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