Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Answer Is . . .

When I was in the eighth grade or so I first heard of Bob Dylan. I knew that he could not sing; that any success he enjoyed was not based upon good looks or a good set of pipes. And perhaps that's what drew me to investigate further. As I began to listen to Dylan sing, I didn't notice the vocals per se, but I noticed the voice -- the voice of a poet. Here was a "rock star" that had actually said something. The lyrics written were styled, not just statements. Some of the songs told stories of people, and others really made you think -- about life, about others, about yourself, about the state of things. Few of my friends got it, and I liked that even better. I liked what Piper has written, about how Dylan's most famous lyric of all strikes at what we like to call "Postmodernism." (I really hate all these bloggers and commentators using 'postmodernism' as a springboard for all their talk -- like relativists really even care. Its called sin. Jesus said that the natural man hates the light and prefers darkness. What we hipsters call 'postmodernism' to me is simply old fashioned living in darkness instead of light.) Anyway, as Dylan says "the answer is blowin' in the wind." The point is there is an answer, in fact it is THE ANSWER. Most folks don't want to hear about the Answer, they love darkness. My question is why be ashamed to point to the light? Why try to couch everything, package everything, to appeal to the darkness that men naturally love? Why try to keep the light dim to attract. Let it shine, man! Sing it, breathe it, shout it til all souls can hear it, live it.


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