Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Sunday I attented the funeral of Mrs. Bowes refrenced in the last entry. One of her pastors, Dave Huggins, who had known her for a long time spoke of her just as she was, and just as I would have imagined. I have actually had the privilege of knowing several people like her . . . i call them honest-livers. They are honest with themselves, with their fellowman, and honest before God. May their tribe increase.
Sunday night at FBC we had a "visioning" time. We took time to dream and look ahead. We looked at what we need to focus on, and began to listen to one another instead of listening about one another. It was a great time. We must earnestly seek the Lord and His guidance for this His church.
Yesterday I was called upon by my big sister to go see and help my Dad in his recovery from surgery that he had on Friday. I took the family with me and we had a good day. I think the boys being there helped Dad (and Mom), at least I hope. The boys give them a sense of future and hope, and I know they do not want to ever give up so they can see them grow up. Children are truly a blessing from God, and sons a heritage.
Tonight we had a great family time. We went to see the Grasshoppers and then watched fireworks after the game. It was really a great time. I thought, "How blessed!" To be sitting on a beautiful July night, watching a baseball game in a beautiful stadium, in the greatest country on earth, with my beautiful wife and two fine sons. As the fireworlks were going off, I couldn't help but think of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and all over the globe, protecting this great way of life. I am thankful for the troops who have died to protect that and to carry it to their fellowman, all throughout our great history -- from 1776 till right now. Man, am I proud to be an American "where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me, and I'll gladly stand-up, next to you, and defend her still today; for there ain't no doubt I love this land! God bless the USA!"


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