Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

I have heard various reasons why that phrase is used, but for me right now it has a special meaning. Back in May, we had to put to sleep our longtime friend and companion, Chester. Chester was the first dog that Rachael and I had as a couple. We loved him VERY much and he was truly the best dog anyone could ever have. Chess was mutt, but a champion dog. He lived nearly 10 years before succumbing to heart failure. Loyal and bright-eyed to see his master till the very end. He was a "good son" that will always be in our hearts.
The boys have never had a puppy of their own. We decided that after the aforementioned vacations that we would see about another dog. That would give us a month or so to get past Chester's death, and to level off for the summer. We got home Saturday and started looking through the paper. We found a couple and called, but no luck they were gone already. There was one more, a mutt, about 10 weeks old, for $65 (the cost of having her spayed). We called; the lady lived in Reidsville; we went to see her. The rest is history. Daisy now resides with the Lloyd family. She is so precious and innocent looking. I think she will be tall and lanky; some Lab and Hound qualities mixed in. She crawled and licked all over the boys last night, and they ate it up. I know, we always say we will never give our heart to another animal, knowing the heartache that is sure to come. But there are so many lessons, life-lessons to be learned in the owning and caring for a pet, especially a dog.
I hope that these dog days of summer '07 will be memorable for our family, including the latest member, "Miss Daisy."


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