Friday, July 06, 2007

A Phone Call

Imagine you are sitting at home one evening, minding your own business. Perhaps you are finishing up supper, reading a book, or watching TV.
And the phone rings.
Sometimes I dread the phone ringing. Oftentimes it is someone on the other end that does not know me, but is calling me (perhaps directed by a computer) to sell me something or harass me about something, like taking a survey.
With the advent of caller ID, we often look at the name and number on the ID and decide "Do I really want to take this call right now?" Usually if it shows up on mine as a Toll Free #, or Unavailable, I will choose not to answer -- especially if it is during a meal.
Also, many of us have answering machines or voice mail and simply ask folks to leave a message -- if we cannot get to the phone.
But back to the scenario . . .

You're sitting there, it rings. You look down at the ID and see "Fairview Baptist Church" -- what do you do? What if you have never heard of Fairview Baptist Church? You have never been to Fairview Baptist Church, do not know anyone who goes there, and wonder why exactly someone from there is calling you on a Thursday evening.
Out of curiosity you decide to answer. "Hello."
The other end says, "Hi. I am so&so from Fairview Baptist Church here in Reidsville, and as part of our CARE ministry we are calling our neighbors and asking if there are any prayer requests or concerns you might have this evening."

Uhmmmm . . . when was the last time someone called and asked you that?

Last night at CARE I had the opportunity to do just that. I took a page from the phone book and went down the page and called folks and asked just that. Can you believe that not a single person cussed me out? No one slammed the phone down in my ear. No one said "Why do you bother me like this?"
Instead I spoke with my neighbors, and they all said "As a matter of fact . . ." and then proceeded to share with me a burden or a praise.
Folks all around us, everywhere we go need to know someone cares about them. We have the privilege of knowing that Christ Jesus loves and cares for us, why not share that with others? Freely we have received, freely may we give.
May we everyday consider our neighbors. May we share the love of Christ -- with a kind word, with a warm smile, with an act of mercy and kindness. May we earnestly do good.
"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven." -- Jesus, Matthew 5:16


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