Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wow what a break!

I have not blogged here for awhile. Laziness I guess or just too tired, too preoccupied, or cannot get to the computer at a good time -- my wife works (earns a living via the computer and she really has first priority) at various times when it would be convenient to sit down and write this. I realize i will never be a Chailles or Wade Burleson, so I don't even try sometimes. Anyway . . .

We had an excellent series of meetings, we called revival services, a week or so ago. Dr Greg Mathis, pastor of the great Mud Creek Baptist Church in Hendersonville NC was our guest. What a gifted preacher. I enjoyed spending time with him and learning from this giant (literally and in other ways). People made decisions and no doubt, the truth was proclaimed. We ended the week with brother Tom Brown from Sharon, he too delivered a powerful exposition on that it is high time for the people of God to WAKE UP!

Had a little break with the family, which was nice. Had a missionary speak with us on Sunday AM -- at the 11:00 service. An independent missionary in Mexico, training pastors and church planters. He did a great job. Jerry Shaw. One thing I like about independent missionaries is that we get first hand accounts and personal interaction with them. IMB missionaries are so often just that it seems, "IMB misisonaries". We read their names on their birthdays and pray for them, see little vignettes at Christmas. But I imagine most SBC churches have little personal contact with actual missionaries on the field. This I think needs to improve -- probably on the church's part and on the part of the IMB.
Speaking of the IMB, it seems that the trustees are leaning more and more to a landmarkian direction. It seems that they may be going further and further inward. Only certain people and churches are recognized as proper administrators of baptism. No one can have a private prayer language and be a missionary supported by IMB. It seems that the restrictions are going beyond the Baptist Faith and Message, narrowing. There seems to a bit of legalism creeping into the SBC, and this is scary. Someone has said, "liberalism doesn't tell people the truth; legalism keeps people from the truth."
I have been listening to brother Mathis' series from Colossians, and Jesus is all you need for salvation and life. It isn't Jesus plus anything. (See the New Testament). I pray that we as a Convention, as churches, as individual Christians, will get back to the cross of Christ, lift it high, hide behind it, and let Jesus shine! To Him alone be the glory!


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