Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?

The above title comes from a title of a great song that I have on a CD by June Carter Cash that was recorded at the end of her life; it was a song originally done by the Carter Family, and a good one too. I thought it was fitting since I have been gone for awhile and have not been bloggin'.
Just to fill in . . . the weekend was interesting. On Friday evening we went to K & M's for supper and fellowship together. We had a great time together, as these are true friends that we love dearly. Got home late Friday night.
Saturday we slept in and basically hung around the house most all day. I did a job that was long overdue . . . cleaning up the carport. At four I took the boys to Lake Reidsville for a Children's Dept. picnic and fishin'. We had a good time playin' around and with the other folks there from FBC. Rachael had been sick all day (stomach virus) and joined us much later at the park. Saturday evening was spent quietly preparing heart and mind for Sunday.
Sunday was full as usual. Church in the morning, invite to a family reunion for lunch, deacons meeting at 3:30, church again at 6:00. Got home later on Sunday evening than usual, and then got a distressing phone call about 9:00 that plagued me the rest of the night.
Monday, had to get to the hospital for a surgery, then on to Raleigh for a training session (overnight) at Meredith college, as it relates to our summer youth worker -- Glenn. Glenn seems to be a great guy, who is very intelligent, and eager to do a great job at FBC this summer. Of all the students I met, I think he is the smartest. I pray he will grow this summer, the youth of FBC will grow, the church family will grow, and I too look forward to growing, all as God blesses and guides our time together. Met some super folks in Raleigh, gained much. Got home today about 4:30 - 5:00; made some pastoral calls and kept boys tonight and watched American Idol. Just finished working on message for tomorrow night's service -- The Family of God.
Have yet to read any other blogs today, so do not know the latest buzz concerning the upcoming showdown in GSO . . . care level is not too great either, I think I'm crashin'. Will you miss me when I'm gone?


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