Saturday, May 10, 2008


One of the things that has really bothered me, frightened me, kind of sickened me lately has been the public response to the tragedy in Myanmar or Burma. When I say "public response" I mean that there has not really been a public response.
I have read that they think that there might be 100,000 people dead there as a result of the cyclone that hit. 100,000 human beings killed -- at one time -- in one place. Men, women, children.

You know what I see all over the headlines? Obama, Hillary, Bush wedding. Do you remember last weekend -- the horse euthanized at the Kentucky Derby? There was a lot more outcry and coverage over an animal than over the 100,000 dead in Burma. Are we sick or what?

I did read yesterday in the Wall Street Journal that perhaps all of the de-forestation, the destroying of the mangrove forests may have indeed contributed to the devastation. Now you know I am no enviro-wacko, but they kill all of these forests to keep US supplied in shrimp -- no joke -- research it. They use the trees they cut down over there for fuel -- the poor cannot afford gas, so they need the wood to live. We are killing ourselves. We are so greedy, that we will kill ourselves.

I saw a bumper sticker one time that summed it up --- GREED KILLS.

When the cyclone hits California or Myrtle Beach or Miami -- maybe we will care more. I somehow doubt it though. Care to re-visit Katrina? But hey, as long as the French Quarter is back up and I get my party on -- who really cares?

At this point what can we do about Burma? The military dictatorship that runs the country is reluctant to let aid in. We should force it in, drop it from the air, get it to the people. I will pray for the people there ---- and I will pray for us here.


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