Friday, May 16, 2008

Reading Looking Upward

I spend an awful amount of time reading. I read the Bible, books, on-line articles and information, and everyday I read the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
The Journal has become and continues to become more and more a national newspaper. Rupert Murdoch has taken over the paper since he acquired Dow Jones. He wants it to be a top notch contender against the New York Times as the national paper of record.
I am thankful for the WSJ, as it is a conservative (at least editorially) news outlet. Since we have scaled back on our TV viewing habits, and we ditched some of the more pricey packages on our satellite, we can get only CNN. I really miss Fox News. CNN is NOT fair and balanced. Their slogan is "CNN=Politics" it really should read, "CNN=Obama". The air is filled with Obama apologists and Bush/republican haters. You should have heard the outrage when President Bush said talking to terrorists amounted to "appeasement." Anyway, i digress . . .
Most of my reading is pretty positive. For my sermon preparation I read Biblical material and devotionally. Which is all good and refreshing (if not humbling and convicting); I guess I should say it is spiritually enriching reading. At lunch I get the WSJ from the mailbox. Usually this is where we get the cold, hard truth about the condition of our nation and world, and why I feel a compulsion to live with urgency, as it concerns the call of Christ on my life.
Today, for instance, a big headline was about the overturning of the ban on same-sex marriages in California. Then I read about the suffering in China and the loss of life both there and in Burma. I read that Libya is getting sick of America, again. On and on and on. Everyday.
I am convinced that now is NOT the time for shallow, hollow Christianity. We must rise out of the misty lowlands and pursue God with all that we have. We must be the called out ones; soldiers of the cross; living in Jesus, following Jesus, speaking Jesus. Taking up our cross and following Him. Be disciples.
What does this have to do with reading? Prepare your minds for action; renew your mind; set your mind on things above. Read with an eye looking up -- be it history, literature, Puritans, the WSJ -- God-centered. We must.


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