Friday, May 26, 2006

Come On Feel The Noise

The above title is from an 80s hit by Quiet Riot and it is fitting because the house is sooo quiet right now .... no boys present. Sometimes that quiet is too much though, and you really start to miss it . . . but I'll enjoy it for a few moments anyhow.
Our new summer youth worker is on the field now -- Glenn. He is a really smart guy and i look forward to working with him. Yesterday he went to lunch with R and I and Z, and I'm sure he'll learn about family-inter-personal relationships with several trips like that one! Last evening Glenn and the family went to a chorus concert at the high school - several youth participated - and it was surprisingly good. I was concerned for Glenn's first Friday night in Monroeton tonight, but he has several friends who actually live close by, and they are taking him out tonight. Tomorrow night we have a youth fuction at the church -- he is in charge of games.
Well Taylor Hicks captured the AI title on Wednesday night. After CHris was robbed, I was glad to see him win - - - although, katherine was much better looking!
A beautiful picture on the cover of the Star-Tribune today -- little Kate, the Strawberry Princess! I know a bunch of proud grandparents!
Big holiday weekend -- summer kicks off -- hopefully we'll get to Pa & Grandma's at some point for a swim -- I know two boys who cannot wait.


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