Monday, June 19, 2006

Its Been Such a Long Time

It has been a l-o-n-g time since the last entry, and the reasoning is good. Last week the Southern Baptist Convention was held in GSO, and that meant LOTS of riding, and sitting in the Coliseum. Each day started at with the clock ringing at 5:30 AM, and finally crashing in the bed about midnight each night. In the midst of the week, I had to conduct two funerals. One was on Tuesday at 2:00 PM for Mrs. Minnie Miller (she had been really sick the whole time I've been here), the other was on Thursday, in Woodland. This funeral was more of a shock; when I checked my messages Tuesday morning at the Convention, one was from Scott Sykes (funeral director in Rich Square) for me to call him ASAP. The second on the machine was from Roberta Outland telling me that Bill Askew had died -- suddenly. The Convention ended on a high note, as on Wednesday, Billy Graham was honored followed by a performance by Casting Crowns, followed by a stirring message from outgoing president Bobby Welch, followed by a stirring presentation by the combined orchestra, choirs, and banners from Belleview Baptist Church. So Thursday morning I left for Woodland (3.5 hours) conducted the service with the new pastor at WBC, John Mathis. Oh, by the way that day was my birthday - spent mostly alone in a car, and a meal from the Wendy's drive thru. Oh well . . . Friday everyone arrived home and that was good. Saturday was JP's b-day party and we went to see the Grasshoppers. Sunday was Father's Day (I planned a quiet day of rest in my easy chair - - - NOT!). Multiple trips to Cone Hospital and Penn Hospital, arriving home aftr 10:00 PM. Today was spent with the Sunshine Group in the mountains, the evening with the boys outside. Got some great fresh veggies and fruit today at a roadside stand. Hope to get to see my folks sometime this week.


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