Friday, July 14, 2006

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Last night we had a tremendous storm -- not much hard rain -- but LOTS of wind and lightening. A building here in Monroeton was struck and burned . . . that can't happen too much or there won't be any Monroeton! I do not think anyone was hurt. Power was knocked out for several hours which quieted things down . . . I actually went and visited my neighbors on their front porch . . . of course we had to knock aside the cobwebs from the chairs . . . no one does simple, good things like that anymore, sadly. R and Boys are on their way home from VABVA, and I was pleased to just here from them that they had stopped by some friends' in Northampton. This has been a quiet week here at home, to say the least . . . too quiet actually. I feel for the widowed and childless homes . . the radio/TV becomes your only company . . . and that is sad in itself. Folks have been real generous with me this week, making sure I have been fed . . . like that was really important for someone with my waisteline! Then again out as well as here no one forces me to put anything in my mouth . . . I am totally responsible. Have been reading a lot this week - about Ehrman's book, about the Trinity, about TR, and have periodically enjoyed reading from a Foxfire book about plain livin'. Talked with JKM today, briefly, he was working crop. Next week (Sun) begins VBS -- ohhhh meeee. Heard J Cash's new tune "God's Gonna Cut You Down" - a real, light, pick-me-up kinda song, I am sure will get lots of airtime on top 40 country radio. Nah, it is heavy and good. Preach on John!


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