Monday, May 26, 2008

Just Wonderin'

The Lord has called me to pastor a flock of His people, to be the under- shepherd. I am responsible to Him as to how faithful I am in doing this task that He has assigned. I really love being a preacher/pastor. It is an unworldly delight to be able to study God's Word, to pray for and minister to His people, and to stand before them every week and declare the unsearchable riches of Christ.
As I read the blogs that I read, I see the same names over and over speaking at conferences all the time, all over the United States and occasionally in the UK. My question is: when do these guys pastor their people?
Are they "in touch", do they keep a close eye on the flock that God has entrusted them to? Do they feel that they have "so much" to give the wider evangelical world that they just cannot be tied down to a single congregation?
Oh, I appreciate the work of some of these men, have benefited from their work, but I think to myself: if I were gone that much from my people, I don't know how effective I could be as their pastor. I love the people that God has sent me to pastor, they are His people, His bride, His church.
It seems that if a person was going to be a full time conference speaker and writer, why not just call yourself that: a full time conference speaker and writer. Start a para-church ministry. Don't call yourself a "pastor" to the local church if you are not one, if you are never there.


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