Friday, June 27, 2008

OI, OI Know The Truth

Last evening we wrapped up a week of Outrigger Island -- Living God's Unshakable Truth -- VBS 2008.

We had a really great Bible school.

The material was A-1, I thought. The truths that were hammered home each night were clear: God Is Real, Jesus Is God's Son, Jesus Is the Only Way, The Bible Is God's Word, We Must Live the Truth. When you see good solid material like this, it makes you thankful that our denomination, the SBC, is committed to the truth of the Bible -- without apology.

Robyn B. and myself had the privilege and challenge of teaching the youth class. These young people were truly fantastic. Creative. Intelligent. Respectful. A joy to be around. I thank the Lord for each of them.

The workers were all patient and kind. What a great time. Until . . .

last night at the close of the week, because the girls had collected the most offering (all going to World Changers) yours truly got a pie in the face. Not cool. But the kids loved it!!

Most importantly, I know that one young lady received Christ into her heart and life. We pray that she will rely on the Lord and obey His call to public profession and baptism. Hallelujah!


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