Monday, June 23, 2008

The Days Roll By

The past few weeks have been quite hectic, but otherwise rewarding.

I left GSO on Monday, June 9 and flew to Indianapolis -- after finding out at 10:30 PM on Sunday that my flight had been cancelled, stayed up til 12:00 with Expedia and found a different flight -- for the Southern Baptist Convention. There were about 7500 messengers there from SBC churches all over the US. For the time I was there it was a good meeting. Johnny Hunt, pastor of the FBC Woodstock GA was elected president out of a field of 6 good candidates. My prayer is that Hunt will call us back to the cross of Jesus Christ and re-focus the Convention on winning the world for Christ. I also appreciated the program from the NAMB, and again the focus on sharing Jesus, planting churches, and loving our neighbors.
Downtown Indianapolis was a vibrant place, a nice place, with lots of great restaurants and shops. I left out of there on early Wednesday morning, was met in the afternoon at GSO by my fantastic family -- the BEST sight at anytime, but especially after a separation. We had church that night and then it was off again on Thursday.
All of us left Thursday for Eliz. City, NC to attend and officiate at the wedding of Mike O. and Leslie. We had the unique opportunity to stay on the Coast Guard base there, in a great little cabin, right on the Eliz. River. The boys really liked this whole thing. The wedding was really nice. It is odd in this day and age to have a wedding where the bride and groom have not lived together, have not had any children, and feel certain that they go into holy matrimony both pure. Mike is in training for the ministry at SEBTS, and I pray for him and the new Mrs.
We got up early Sunday morning in Eliz. City and headed for Rich Square, NC to preach in revival services there. We went to the Shoulars home on Main St in RS, and that was to be our lodging for the week. Ann was so nice to let us stay in her house, and what a lovely home it is. The boys took to calling it the "haunted mansion" but it was really roomy and very nice and private. We were so thankful to have the time to spend with Bob & Rita and their family. Bob is a great friend. The folks fed us tremendously and the hospitality was warm. Another highlight was to see so many friends from Woodland. These brothers and sisters are truly part of our lives, we love them and miss them. Anyway, we preached the Word and I believe some decisions were made and solidified. We pray that in all things God was exalted.
We decided to drive home Wednesday night -- got home LATE. And back into the grind here at home. The work of ministry never rests, as a faithful church member was found to have all kinds of heart trouble on Thursday morning at the hospital, and I was able to be there to pray and minister with her and her family. Baptism (hallelujah!) yesterday morning, and the heater was broke on the baptistery, but that was OK. And to top it all off, VBS started last night. VBS presents its challenges during the week, but I pray that none of us will lose sight of the fact that we have been blessed by the Lord to be able to present Jesus Christ to all of these children. What a joy and a privilege to be involved in what God is doing. Jesus came to bring life, abundant life, eternal life, to sinners. May we be consumed with Christ Jesus and His mission.
I thank the Lord for His watch care and safekeeping. What an awesome God we serve.


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