Sunday, August 10, 2008

Long, Long Time

It has been a really long time since the last post to this weblog. I certainly realize that. However, much has transpired in our lives since the last entry, most of which I would never care to publish on a blog. However, one thing remains constant -- God is still God, and He is sovereign over all.

Speaking of God's sovereignty, there are a couple of great you tube postings out there of SCC on Larry King discussing the tragedy with his daughter and son. Also there is a great word from Greg Laurie on his first Sunday back to the pulpit after burying his son. Search for them -- they are worth watching.

Got home yesterday after a week with the youth at Camp Caswell. What an incredible week it was. There is something soul-stirring with being with over 1000 teenagers worshipping God - loudly and sincerely. I believe every church member (not just our church, but every baptist church in NC) should go and be a part of this event. It would change a lot of things. Oftentimes we all need to get away from our little world, into another world, to see things in a different perspective. We quickly realize it is not all about us.

Speaking of that -- the home church of my wife and the church where I was ordained, suffered a tremendous loss and tragedy this past week. The youth of Sycamore Baptist Church went to Smith Mtn Lake for a day of fun and sun and while there a 12 year old boy, member of the church, drowned. His funeral was today. Now something like that should cause us all to stop -- to pray for someone else whose world has just been shattered beyond measure, to think about something and someone besides my self and my petty issues and hang-ups.

Not to mention that all of us should stop and consider every day the number of people all around us who perish and go into eternity with no knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Do we even care? Will we be obedient to what Christ the King has commanded us to do -- "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."? Will we get so wrapped up in ourselves, our wants and wishes and agendas or will we go to a world that needs life?

What will we do? What will I do?


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