Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

What a special day in the life of our free nation. Going all the way back to Decoration Day after the Civil War til today, it is a time to remember those among us who have loved country more than life. Aren't you thankful for those who have sacrificed their all in service to our nation, to protect our freedom and way of life and to carry freedom to men everywhere? I think of those who have died in our most recent conflict - in Afghanistan and Iraq - even though we may differ on the rationale for being in such places, we can be thankful that men and women answer the call to serve wherever their country sends them. Be thankful for our fellow countrymen who voluntarily serve their country in the armed services. Support our troops in harm's way; pray for them and the decision makers we freely send to capitals (local, state, and national). Even though our democracy is not without faults (many - including the heavy influence of money in the system) it is still the best there is -- would you rather live somewhere else? If so, go there. I would wish every person in this country would rememeber why we have this day as a holiday- not the summer kick-off, not the cook outs - but to remember and be thankful. I liked Dennis the Menace in today's paper --"Is this one of those holidays that I don't get gifts?" -- yes Dennis you do get a gift, it is called FREEDOM and it ain't free.


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