Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here I Am, Rock You Like A . . .

You can probably finish the lyric refrenced above in the title ". . . hurricane." That is featured for a couple of reasons: 1. today marks the first day of hurrican season in the Atlantic -- and after last year, it is not a thing of beauty. Of course all these folks say 6 major stroms this year . . . like they can really tell and predict with accuracy! We all know that the wind and waves obey One. He already knows and in Him I will trust. My heart goes out to all the folks in MS, AL and in LA who lost so much last year and here we are already bracing again.
2. Tonight the Hurricanes play in game 7 of the eastern conf. finals against the Buffalo Sabres to see who goes to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Edmonton Olilers. I really don't care about hockey too much during the year, but care somewhat at playoff time. I care much more when the "Canes are viable. Oh to be in Raleigh tonight!!!!
Well the boys are back . . . I 'm about to be rocked like a . . . yeah you said it! Hold on!


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