Sunday, June 11, 2006

I Got Them SBC Blues

WE have really been busy around here. Mom's surgery and subsequent hospital stay kept us on the road, she is home and recovering now. The kids have gone to the beach, but R and I have been really busy. Friday in LYH all day; Sat. we did Crossover in Greensboro in the AM, hospital visits in the afternoon, cookouts (2) in the PM. Homecoming today at FBC (went well, good turnout and great food and fellowship) followed by 2 hour road trip, back to Greensboro for first night of conference/convention. I hate to write critically, but hey this is MY blog. The worship singers and presider of the pastors conf. seemed SO suburban Atlanta -- clean cut, lilly white, all great smiles in their cotton pants and tops. In fact they were all from a north Atlanta suberb church -- and it told. Obviously the smooth, well trimmed, pastor had read Hybel's book on building a church full of people you'd like to spend vacation with. But I am TOO critical and sarcastic, perhaps they are all well-meaning, dear saints of the Lord.
The first speaker tonight was not my favorite. It seemed that he enjoyed showing his ignorance of the doctrines of grace and he liked railing on this subversive theological heresy threatnening to undo the SBC and evangelism as we know it. Not sound, and totally subjectively speaking - not well received.
The second preacher tonight was great as usual -- Johnny Hunt. Also a suburban Atlanta preacher, but at least a REAL one. Hunt has a passion for lost souls and Jesus that is contagious. He is really an Indian on fire -- and I love to hear him preach.
Rick Warren was supposed to be there to round out the night - but he had to cancel for an unspecified family issue that kept him in CA. He delivered his messge via video tape - and it was good. He is so simple, but you know he is brilliantly smart. (The biggest selling book in the history of the US). But he talked about living life according to Jesus, and made great practical points -- not a theological treatise, but a good message nonetheless. I have never read "TPDL" (I must be the only Christian on the planet not to do so -- R's read it 2x) but you can tell why people like him.
Tomorrow AM I hope to go to a "discussion" with Al Mohler & Paige Patterson. Should be interesting. Al Mohler -- now that's a powerhouse.


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