Monday, June 05, 2006

Walking On Sunshine

The above song title applies to my mother today as she will be going into surgery to have a knee replacement. She is in tremendous pain and has suffered long, and we are praying that at the end of THIS ordeal, she will feel like walking on sunshine . . . yeah, yeah . . . it's time to feel good!
Yesterday was a blast overall. Church went well, as we recognized the graduates and preached about the effects of an encounter with the risen Christ. After lunch at the home of friends we went for a trail ride in the "mule" and got caught in the rain and laughed the whole way home. At church in the PM, we had two young girls come forward and expressed their desire to join our church. What an awesome way to end the day! We praise God for His working in our midst.
On a sadder note, I read where our favorite baseball player, Albert Pujols of the Cards, is on the DL with a pull in his side -- described as moderate to severe, clser to severe. However, the 'Canes are in the Stanley Cup Finals and they begin play tonight in Raleigh against the Edmonton Oilers. Rock'em Canes! NBA Finals are set too -- who cares?
Preparing for abusy week next week -- homecoming, kids at beach, SBC, b-day parties, Mom's recovery -- Lord, grant strength and guidance, we pray.


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