Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Were You?

Today, September 11 2008, marks the seventh anniversary of that day "the world stopped turning."
Do you remember where you were that day?

I was in my office at Woodalnd Baptist Church preparing for a funeral that i had that morning -- for Wilma Joyner. Wilma was a unique person, a character to say the least. One of her peers told me that when they were all in elementary school, on the first day of school, the teacher decided right there and then to make a statement -- she would take all the boys outside and whip them. He added that indeed the teacher did this -- spanked all the boys -- AND Wilma. She never married -- no man could have ever contained her. She worked hard as a banker and she played hard -- enjoying this life. She also knew and loved and was thankful to the Lord for all of her blessings. Yes, this was to truly be a homegoing and a celebration of her life.

While at my desk the phone rang. It was Mrs. Liz, would I like her to come down to the church and keep the nursery for the funeral? I said it didn't matter, I didn't foresee a whole lot of children coming to the service, but she was welcome to if she wanted. Then she said, "have you seen the news this morning?"
"no," I said, "what's up?"
She said, "a plane has struck the World Trade Center in New York, and then another one. They're saying it could be a terrorist attack."

I hang up and ran home to turn on the TV. What I saw is forever in my mind. Peter Jennings of ABC News was broadcasting. Showing the pictures of the burning towers. Talking about the fire and rescue underway. Then a live shot of the first tower collapsing. Unimaginable. I remember standing there in front of the TV with my mouth open.

Everyone was shocked. Scared. What's next? Why? Who? All of those innocent people. Oh dear God.

May we never forget.


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